You are up to advancing men through their purpose and dreams so that men change the world. – M.S. Entrepreneur

In the workshop, I was impressed by how men with little or no prior group experience opened up… impressed with how little advice and how few opinions were in the room – you created an excellent space. –  S.S. Father

I’ve only known Alan for a few months, but in that time he has proven to be one of the most powerful men I’ve met. What’s great is that he harnesses his power for the benefit of other men, so being around him is transformational, not because he’s so smart (he is), but because he listens and he has the energy, tools and desire to give with compassion and honesty. He is one of the tools I’m using this year to make my life more satisfying while I achieve my goals. Any man would be lucky to have Alan in his life. His workshops are outstanding and well worth 10x the cost. – D. L. K., M.B.A. Framingham MA

I sought Alan’s coaching when it was time to find my next job, one that would fulfill my professional aspirations. We worked together to determine the aspects of a job and company that would be satisfying and fulfilling. After following the coaching for a short amount of time, I found a job that met many of my ideals and standards. In addition, Alan took a stand for and supported my attaining a higher salary than I was originally seeking. The result was that my starting salary was 20% above the amount that would have been satisfying.
At the same time, Alan coached me in other areas of life. His insights about the relationship and interaction of all areas of life eased my transition back to the workforce while moving other areas of life forward in a positive way. – P. C., Database Programmer

Several years ago, I engaged Alan’s services to coach me in a large project I was leading for a non-profit organization. While there were frequently times that I felt as if I were herding cats, Alan’s coaching helped me to keep myself and the project on track.
Simultaneous to this project, I was also managing my company through a difficult time. Alan provided me with what I needed to deal with this, and with other aspects of life while moving all of it forward.
The non-profit project was a resounding success and provided much needed clothing and supplies to over 20,000 homeless children in greater Boston. I would recommend Alan to coach you in any project you are leading. – M. S. Entrepreneur

For over 20 years, I have owned and operated two ice cream stores in greater Boston. The demands of a small business require me to work ‘in’ the business a great deal of the time. When I began using Alan as a coach, I realized how much I was doing this and how little I was working ‘on’ the business. The coaching showed me how to step back from the every day operations and focus on making the stores a better place to shop. This also allowed me to expand into new, profitable product lines.
The major result of working with Alan was realizing the context in which the business operates. We have called this Ranc’s Love, which is what all employees and customers experience when they walk through the doors. I thank Alan for having me realize this and the positive results it has produced. – J. R.  Entrepreneur

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