A Workshop for Men in the Prime of Life

Discover The Often Overlooked ‘Simple Truth’

That Holds Men Back From Unleashing Their

Inner Power And Fulfilling Their Dreams!

Creating Great Connections…the Key to Unlocking Your Success

The Connection workshop will introduce you to the power of making intentional connections with other men in a trusting, supportive environment. This interactive workshop is designed to help trigger those changes that can transform your life into the one you desire.

Over the past 10 years Alan Cantor has been coaching men, both in groups and privately. Through these many conversations he discovered that most men are missing one common trait…one that holds them back from achieving the success that they so ardently desire and deserve. And that is the ability to connect…really connect…first with themselves, with their purpose, intention and commitment…and then with other men…on a deeper, richer and more meaningful level…a connection that supports and empowers them to grow and succeed.

Here’s just a sample of what you’ll discover at the workshop:

  • Connections that support you in fulfilling the life you envision
  • How to establish trust and become seen as trustworthy
  • Tap into the sources of your inner power
  • Gain clarity of your purpose, vision and goals
  • Uncover the inner saboteur of your dreams and how to disarm it
  • Explore the benefits of becoming a powerful listener

Whether you feel something is missing in your life…career, health, relationships…or just desire to achieve more success in any of those areas, The Connection workshop offers the foundational springboard to accelerate and move you forward. This is what one man wrote:

        “After being in Alan’s group for less than six months, my wife said to me with

        gratitude, ‘I’m witnessing the return of the life partner I chose 33 years ago!’ “

~ Dan D., Educator, Natick, MA

Join us for the next workshop on:

Monday and Tuesday, August 13 & 14; 7 PM – 10:00 PM each evening

Location: 27 Tri Street, Ashland, MA

Tuition: $97 (major credit cards accepted)

Reserve your spot today, discover the ‘simple truth’ and make the connection!

Simply call Alan Cantor at 252-628-9762 or e-mail

“In the workshop, I was impressed by how men with little or no prior group experience opened up…[Alan] created an excellent space.”

~Scott S., Acton, MA, Father , IT Professional

Alan Steacy July 12, 2012 at 7:49 AM

Alan, last June I decided to participate in your full day session of The Connection workshop. I have to admit, it was a great decision. I continue to be amazed daily by how the insights I gained at the workshop show up in my life. While there were many, my biggest take-away came from the simple listening exercise you had us do. Understanding the power of “deep listening”, as you refer to it, has made a world of difference. And not just in my conversations with family, friends and business associates. I find my new awareness around listening showing up in every interaction, no matter how brief. It’s like switching from mono to full HD stereo! I find when I consciously engage this new listening skill, it’s as if I threw down the welcome mat and opened the door to connect. It’s amazing how many gladly enter. Thank you for teaching this invaluable life lesson.

Alan Steacy

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